I Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree!

Let me save you a lot of time— study what you are interested in.


If you are passionate about a topic, then you will succeed. Your enthusiasm will impress employers more than anything else. I know, you’re thinking to yourself, “But, Sophia, no one is hiring in my field.” Then forge your own path. If you want it bad enough, then you will find a way to earn your dream.

Landing a job is never easy, so why spend four + years immersed in a subject that you don’t completely love?


I was terrified to declare a major in Creative Writing. I was even more terrified to tell everyone who asked that my life goal is to be an author. I often got one of two responses: a look of pity or the oh-so-frustrating “what is your backup plan?”

I get it. A career in the arts is risky. Only a handful of people actually become authors. However, my fear of failure wasn’t going to stop me from pursuing my dream. I knew that studying creative writing would be the first step in achieving my goal. And it has been.

Now, I’m about to begin phase two by attending a master’s program dedicated to novel writing. Starting in June, I will be constructing my fifth novel manuscript at Seton Hill University.

Take a leap of faith in yourself. I did, and I’ve never been happier.


Does my graduation cap quote sound familiar? I modeled the phrase after the lyric from “How Far I’ll Go” in the Disney Film Moana. The original lyric is, “See the line where the sky meets the sea/ it calls me.”

When I first saw Moana in November of 2016, I felt a special connection with the character. Moana has a passion for the ocean that the Islanders cannot understand. Despite her friends and families fears, she pursues her dream to explore the sea beyond the reef. Though I am lucky enough to have friends and family who wholly support my writing, I understand her compulsive desire to achieve her dream. This is what led me to adapt the quote for my graduation cap.


All the jewelry I am wearing is by styled by Artifact Adventure. Her minimal adornments are my go-to when I want to add a bit of “offbeat” to my girly attire. If you would like to shop Artifact Adventure at a discounted price, use my code SlightlySparked!

Visit this link to shop:  artifactadventure.com/slightlysparkled

Thank you for reading all about my graduation from college! I hope my story inspires you to fight for your dream as well.

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