PSA: Star Wars Pajamas

For the first time in forever….you can buy Star Wars pajamas for girls at Target! (Did you sing that in your best Anna from Frozen voice? I did.)

Usually, I have to shop in the male department to find nerdy t-shirts and such, so when I walked into Target and found the cutest Star Wars clothing for girls, I was ecstatic. And, in my opinion, they’re the cutest I’ve seen so far.


The first outfit I picked out is this pink and green set. I’m not sure if you can tell, but that’s a giant, glittery R2D2 on my top! I mean, pink and glitter. What more could you want? Not only is it super girly, but it’s also insanely soft. I would live in this outfit if I could.

30746000_Unknown (1)

Also, that’s my dog, Finnick, in these photos. He wanted to be in the photoshoot and I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.


Next is this vintage Star Wars tee and shorts pairing. I love the classic yellow text on both pieces and the faded image on the tee. By the way, I actually have worn this shirt out and it makes for such a fun, casual look. I dressed it up with navy silk pants and my Blair Gold Geometric Lariat necklace from Artifact Adventure. If you would like a discount code to shop that piece, click here:



If you’re looking to add a couple of cute Star Wars pieces to your wardrobe, I would definitely suggest making a trip to Target before they’re gone. Let me know where you find your girly and nerdy attire in the comments below. I’d love to know.

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