I’m a Cartoon!

Ya’ll, I had the great pleasure of collaborating with the talented, Madi Maker, on this cartoon image of myself. At the young age of 16, Madi is an inspiration to all digital artists. She displays her passion through her Instagram, @maidmaker, and Youtube Channel, MadiMaker.

On her page, you can find examples of just how creative this young girl is. She illustrates characters from Marvel, Disney, video games and anime to name a few, along with personal commissions. She’s even done art for the popular cosplayer, @amberarden!

It’s so fun to see yourself as a cartoon character, and I feel Madi perfectly captured my aesthetic. I love the shades of pink she chose for this piece, especially the subtle sparkles in the background. And can we talk about this billowing gown?! I need one like it ASAP. Overall, I think this design is super cute and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Each of Madi’s pieces characterizes her whimsical and happy style. If you are interested in your own original commission from Madi, direct message her through her Instagram account, @MadiMaker. She’s enthusiastic about all commissions, and I guarantee her artwork will make you smile.

I see great things in this artist’s future, and I feel lucky to have an original piece of my own. Give her a follow to check out her work!

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