Earl Grey Cake with Hungry.Heart

Recently, I had the pleasure of baking with Instagrammer and Culinary Insitute of America student, Allison Drew, otherwise known as Hungry.Heart. Allison taught me to bake a delicious Earl Grey cake with buttercream frosting and a sweet tea glaze. This cake is the most perfect treat to bring to a summer party. While baking, we paired it with a glass of Veuve Clicuot Rosé, but this cake would also be great served with an iced strawberry tea during the day.

The cake has yet to be glazed and decorated.

The inside of this cake tasted exactly like Earl Grey tea. I was so impressed! This five-layered cake took on a slightly slate color. The batter was rich in flavor and moisture.  Allison frosted each layer and outer coating with a buttercream. The buttery flavor worked well to add a bit of savor to an otherwise sweet cake. The frosting was light rather than the typical thick frosting.

Of course, we had to pop some bubbly! Veuve Clicquot Rosé is my absolute favorite.

Here, Allison is using edible flowers from Whole Foods Market to decorate the cake. Edible flowers are necessary because non-edible ones can make the cake toxic. She uses them sparingly so that they do not overwhelm the elegant tone. The bright colored flowers to give the cake a nice pop of color.



Next, Allison made an Early Grey sweet tea glaze. It tasted exactly like sweet tea but the consistency was thicker. She poured this across the top and let it drizzle down the sides. Not only did this glaze give the cake a bit of sweetness, but it added a nice color to the cream cake.


We had so much fun making this cake and tasing the finished product. We documented the process through Instagram stories. If you missed them, you can still find the video clips under the “Blog” section on my Instagram. You can also find exclusive photos over on Hungry.Heart.


The dishes we used for this shoot are the “Eastern Animal Dessert Plates” from Anthropologie and are currently available. There are two more patterns not featured here– a zebra and an elephant print done in shades of teal and coral. Anthropologie also features matching “Eastern Animal Mugs” and other home decor items. The original images used on these plates are from Pink Lion Dog. On their site, you can find cocktail napkins that match these plates and many more designs. You may also follow the designer, Paige Gemmel, on Instagram at @PGEMMEL.

IMG_5010 (1).JPG

I had a great time collaborating with Hungry.Heart before she heads off to culinary school in Napa, California. She’s going to be studying, eating, and exploring her way through Northern California on her Instagram page, so you don’t want to miss her posts. Go give her site a click! She’s already documented many of her foodie travels, such as her recent trip to Italy where she encountered a street vendor cooking a whole octopus.




Thank you to Hungry.Heart for baking this Early Grey cake for us to share. Good luck in culinary school. You’re going to do great!

Thank you to The_sparkled_life for hosting this collaboration and providing a beautiful kitchen for this blog photo shoot.

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