Foodie Alert: Reid’s Cafe, NC

Reid’s Cafe is a culinary delicacy. Last year, this cafe was a niche, hole-in-the-wall with only four or five tables, but now they’ve expanded. They’re able to entertain more guests than ever before. Reid’s is located in Banner Elk, North Carolina in the Grandfather Mountain shopping plaza. Don’t let appearances deceive you– this hidden cafe packs a tasty punch. They’re open for lunch, dinner, and catering. From the food to the decor, this is one restaurant North Carolina locals and travelers should not miss.


*All photos are from the expanded addition of the restaurant*


Reid’s has a modern-country feel to it, rather than the typical “rustic” theme. They’ve added bright pops of color, mixed textures, and interesting artwork. The artist has chosen a stylized method in which each of the subjects are warped. I found the overall vibe to be fun and offbeat.


Here is a glimpse of the menu; however, plates change often since Reid’s purchases their ingredients from local farms. The waiters/waitresses always provided a brief overview of the seasonal produce, such as the farm’s location. Tomatoes were a popular item the day I stopped in, and I have to say they were simply delicious.

The detailing is impeccable at Reid’s. I enjoyed the planters on each table, along with the green bottles each drink was served in. If you refer back to the featured image, you are able to see both the water and passionfruit tea were poured into a glass from the green bottles. Small touches like these are what make restaurants stand out.


I began the meal with a butternut squash soup. Though most everyone has tasted a version of this fall item, this recipe stands out amongst the rest. The soup was brimming with flavor from the tangy olive oil drizzled on top and fresh herbs.


My main course consisted of an heirloom tomato sandwich topped with pickled onions, peppers and an aioli sauce. On the side, I had roasted chickpeas with mushrooms, radishes, and peppers. Serving a tomato sandwich is brave for any chef, but I was very much pleased with this choice. The thick slice of the tomato had a firm texture and rich flavor. The bread was so sweet, I could have eaten a loaf of it on its own. And the few pickled toppings were a nice addition.


I also tasted this delicious salad tossed with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, pickled onions, and cheese. Everything tasted so fresh and crisp.

Reid’s is such a fun experience. Not only does the decor make you smile, but the creative menu options intrigues the taste buds. Whether your local to the Banner Elk area or you’re passing through, you’ve got to book a table at Reid’s Cafe.

If you’re looking for an upscale dining option in the area, check out my article on The Artisinal.

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